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 What is Club Cooee (walk, view, edit)

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PostSubject: What is Club Cooee (walk, view, edit)   Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:05 pm

Club Cooee - Avatar 3D Chat & Virtual World Messenger. There, you meet people, chat, dance, watch videos, listen to music, decorate your rooms and more.

How to walk? - to walk you have only to click the floor. to sit you have to click on the chair, sofa, etc..

The view - to change your view you have to right click on floor or something, then to move your mouse. to zoom in/out you have to use your mouse wheel.

Set your status message - - first click where you see your name (look in the pic) and then click on Change Status Message.... There write your status and click OK.

Edit your avatar face - Click where you see your name, and click on Edit my avatar face. And mix it up! Very Happy When you are ready, press apply. First time, you will receive a message like this: You have not uploaded a user image yet. Create a snapshot now? Click yes. You will see this . With the first 4 buttons you select photo's form. With the next 2 buttons you zoom in/out. With the next button you take the picture. After you take it, click on the next button and you can choose to upload as user image or to your nickpage.
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What is Club Cooee (walk, view, edit)
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