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Data de inscriere : 2009-12-16

PostSubject: 12.10.2009   Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:36 pm

- added 7 new lobby rooms
- added minigame room: cooee://EnterScene(61365)
- added game show room
- added several new minigames
- added new item sets: "Dresses" & "Men's Tailor"
- strict dress code now allows girls to wear dresses without wearing pants
- room chats can now be saved to file [see room options menu]
- user & room search now display more than 20 results
- clicking on "item bought/received" notification now displays inventory w/ new item flashing
- clicking on "room bought" notification now enters room
- fixed black&white; rendering detection (once again...)
- changed colors of whispered and shouted text
- added room history button to main menu
- some minor tweaks & fixes
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