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 QUIZ SHOW!!! (invisible_girl, Calibra92, NyNy): RULES!!!

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PostSubject: QUIZ SHOW!!! (invisible_girl, Calibra92, NyNy): RULES!!!   Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:34 pm

Rules for watchers:

It's not allowed to chat between the question and answer from the moderator.
Whoever ignores that will be kicked without a warning.

Rules for the gamers:

Only ONE answer per question!
The answers consitst of the signs +-x/ or CC or the name of the shown person/s
The fastest CORRECT answer wins.
The signs MUST stand in the right order.
The winner of a round is allowed to move up to another chair towards the yellow couch. The first two people who reach the couch win! If there's no free chair in the next line you're allowed to change places with one opponent in front of you!
The math rules count!
-Cheaters will be kicked!-

*We will ask 4 random questions to select the gamers. There will be 3 rounds; the categories are: math, flags and singers.
*Made by invisible_girl, Calibra92, NyNy
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QUIZ SHOW!!! (invisible_girl, Calibra92, NyNy): RULES!!!
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